Cadyma - the knife who keeps the propeller in the water

Cadyma - the knife that keeps marine propeller in the water

Cadyma - knives
With the introduction of artificial fibers in both fishing nets and ropes, shipping companies face a serious problem. Such very strong and often floating fibers can be caught by the propeller and drawn into the shaft bearing. This easily causes serious and expensive damages.

To counter this problem, Cadyma has developed a special knife to be mounted on the propeller shaft tube. Thus, there are no delicate movingparts, and when correctly mounted, the knives will cut fibers and other materials to pieces, that was otherwise on it's way into the shaft bearing.

The knives are made of stainless steel, and they are normally delivered in sets of 4 pieces with necessary welding electrodes. They come in two sizes both for clockwise and counterclockwise rotating propellers.

Outstanding results have been achieved over the years. The knives were first introduced in the early seventies, and by now they have been mounted on and protected thousands of vessels.

For propeller shaft tubes up to 500 mm O.D. a set of 4 Cadyma knives is used. For further information please contact us.

The Cadyma knives can also be mounted on most common brands of Yatchs. - Copyrights - all rights reserved